Hardwood Top Workbench

- 72-inches Wide
- 25-inches Deep
- 37.5-inches High

Model No. 20206
Item No. 65619

Description & Features

This durable easy to set-up 1.75-inch solid wood work table will help organize and create space anywhere you desire. This workbench will accommodate upwards of 1000 lbs. of weight to tackle any task! Powder coated heavy-duty steel frame, with leveling feet included.

  • Dimensions:  25" D x 72" W x 37.5" H
  • 1.75" thick solid hardwood work surface
  • Loading Capacity:  1000 lbs
  • Powder coated heavy-duty steel frame 
  • Heavy-duty commercial leveling feet 
  • Versatile for garages, warehouses, mail rooms, work centers, etc. 
  • Weight:  130 lbs

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Great looking, functional, and well made.
by YmarieR on January 15, 2015
Should last a lifetime and will be a helpful for any hobbyist or crafts person.
Rating: 5
excellent workbench
by FPKHOUSTON on December 28, 2014
The assembly of the workbench took less than 1 hour. The directions were complete and easy to follow. All the parts were included in box. A simple wrench was included, but I choose to use a 1/2 inch socket wrench. All the pieces aligned correctly with no forcing required. The workbench looks great, Very high quality well work the price.
Rating: 5
eExcellent value
by Kently on December 16, 2014
Easily assembled by one person, very good to excellent quality, it definitely is heavy duty. This is my second one.
Rating: 5
Nothing comes close at this price point
by BoyntonDad on November 26, 2014
I wish I hadn't waited so long to purchase this bench. I use it for misc jobs in the garage. My neighbor works for Snap-on and told me he would charge a customer $600 to put a similar wood top on one of his Snap-on benches (just for reference). The steel frame is very well made and the powder coat looks great. The table is well engineered and only took me 30 min from unboxing to complete assembly by myself. Use a socket wrench and you'll have it together in no time. The butcher block top looks great but is a little soft. If you are concerned about nicks and dents you will want to exercise some care when working on it. Once leveled, the table is sufficiently stable and I wouldn't be surprised if it could support twice the weight rated. Excellent value.
Rating: 5
by Jim88 on August 3, 2014
If you price work tables, they can be 2-3x this one. Recommend a 13mm socket for bolts and a 22mm wrench for the leg levelers. A stamped wrench comes in the box. You can buy aftermarket tops to change material (stainless steel, etc.) or lengthen. I'd rate this table as "brilliant" if they offered an optional shelf and/or casters
Rating: 4
Great for my Hobby/Laundry Room Office
by Davis on June 27, 2014
I am delighted with this work bench. I use it in my Hobby/Laundry room and plan to set up my Laptop/Printer in this room. I also have the stool and large storage cabinet on rollers which I can store Laundry supplies in and can also use it for my Office supplies. This product is very well made and can be used for many projects from garage to inside the home. Looks expensive and is a great value. Considering purchasing the 4 drawer cabinet on rollers that fits neatly under the work bench for additional office supplies.
Rating: 5
Great Buy!
by ICDRL on May 1, 2014
I am delighted with this work bench. I use it in my Hobby/Laundry room and plan to set up my Laptop/Printer in this room. I also have the stool and large storage cabinet on rollers which I can store Laundry supplies in and can also use it for my Office supplies. This product is very well made and can be used for many projects from garage to inside the home. Looks expensive and is a great value. Considering purchasing the 4 drawer cabinet on rollers that fits neatly under the work bench for additional office supplies. This thing looks even better at home than it did in the store. I don't usually write gushy reviews - they're sometimes hard to believe - but there's no avoiding it this time. It's strong, easy to assemble, and rock-solid. Get one now, because a bargain this good will not last. If Herself wouldn't take exception to it I'd get another one just to have it.
Rating: 5
High quality commercial strength table
by Xerxes on March 30, 2014
This table is a very sturdy and well built product. The leveling feet have very large bolts and a massive circular footprint to help level and steady the table. Each leg support although hollow are made of metal if an adequate enough thickness to accommodate a lot of table weight while keeping the overall empty weight of the table manageable. The table's top is by far the most impressive piece. It's a very thick slab of hardwood that looks so good it makes you wish you'd never have to set anything on top if it at all. The installation was a breeze took around one hour to put together by myself. The most difficult job was transporting the long and heavy box from the store to my shop. Great table Great investment.
Rating: 5
Solid Workbench
by Rillbilly on October 31, 2013
The workbench is a solid, sturdy piece with a nice hardwood table top. Assembly is relatively easy but the bench is very heavy. I was able to assemble and upright it alone but some help would have been beneficial. It is stable and well built.. As with any product like this, it's best to loosely assemble it before tightening any bolts/screws. It is easily leveled and works well on my garage floor.
Rating: 5
Super value very solid bench
by BobbyRW on October 8, 2013
This bench has a heavy steel base and a maple top. It is well built and very solid. The casters on the legs are adjustable in case your floor is a little uneven like mine. Very heavy duty. It would easily support an engine and transmission if you are so inclined.
Rating: 5
by BobbyQue on July 7, 2013
Awesome very study, weighs a ton, steady! But, mostly had completely together from start to finish in 25 minutes! I have put together so many things that I am thoroughly impressed an pleasantly surprised! I will be using as a butcher block table. Woot thick and perfect legs and structure strong and solid. Easily adjusted to my uneven garage floor, Buy this table for any use!
Rating: 5
by FVAR on February 14, 2013
Assembles quickly and easily. Be careful if you stand on it for anything because its a bit top heavy and tends to try and tip over. LOL! Yes I know you're not supposed to stand on it. It was just handy when I was mounting bike racks on the garage ceiling.
Rating: 5
by sprintbear on January 26, 2013
Great table used it in our house for a breakfast table in a small breakfast nook. THIS WORKBENCH IS SOLID
Rating: 5
Outstanding Work Bech
by ptcruiser on April 7, 2012
This is a great deal. Constructed very well. Packed extremely well. I bought 3 matching overhead cabinets. Excellent quality. Lowes and Home Depot can't touch the quality or the price.
Rating: 5
Awesome Workbench!!!!!!!
by bdoura on February 28, 2012
I have been looking for a workbench for a while now. I'm a very savi online buyer and a deadly price negotiator. This bench is unbeleivable for the price. I joined Sam's Club just to purchase it. It is a very solid, great looking, heavy duty, well engineered bench. Easy to assemble, Other benches in the $400-$500 range don't even compare! Checked 'em all at Sears, Lowes, Home Depot, etc. etc. Junk or asking for a lot of $$$ for a decent one. You won't be disappointed!
Rating: 5
Highly Recommended
by Lexx on February 7, 2012
We bought one to try out for the lapidary shoppe and were so impressed with the quality, we purchased another. Easy to build and very sturdy.
Rating: 5
Try it in your kitchen
by Catwal on February 6, 2012
Kitchen islands are so expensive, so when I saw this workbench at Sam's, I instantly saw how it could work in my home. Industrial chique. It has a butcher block top so it just needs to be sanitized and treated. There is space on one side for two lab-type stools and I am even thinking of buying one of the matching under counter cabinets to expand my storage. And since they have rollers, I can roll it out of the way if I want. The gray legs are very industrial but go really well with stainless steel appliances. I am thinking gray and pale yellow as my color theme.
Rating: 5
Excellent workbench
by speff on January 27, 2012
I bought two- one for a 10x22 lathe weighing in excess of 400lbs and another for an X3 Super milling machine. Both handle the weight very well and the leveling feet come in handy. It was easy to drill through the tops to mound the machines. Would recommend these to anyone wanting a substantial workbench.
Rating: 5
Excellent product
by azlife on January 18, 2012
Very well made and easy to put together.The bench is a value. Try to find it at a local Sam's because the shipping price kills the bargain
Rating: 5
Great bench
by DoubleC on January 16, 2012
I've been looking for a durable, decent quality bench for months. I've been really disappointed in the quality of construction of the other benches found at home improvement stores. I've found custom, heavy duty benches online, but they are $500+ dollars. I saw this bench at Samsclub.com, but I went to my local Sam's club to see this bench myself since I was skeptical. This is the real deal, a heavy duty, well engineered bench. Easy to assemble, heavy duty, and good looking bench. It even has adjustable feet for leveling! Perfect for my needs. You won't be disappointed.
Rating: 5
Don't hesitate to buy
by Catnip on January 12, 2012
These are a great table and super quick to assemble!! The top is solid and looks great. I will be buying more products to match the tables.
Rating: 5
excellent purchase
by Anonymous on October 6, 2011
We are moving into a new house and need to create 2 work areas for my husband. After viewing the table at the store we ordered 2. These tables arrived promptly and were easy to assemble.The surface of these tables is beautiful. They are sturdy and well made. Just a bit of warning...the substantial weight of this table makes assembly a "2-man job".
Rating: 5
Nice Bench
by Tx4Good on August 24, 2011
This bench is a snap to assemble and it is very sturdy. Too nice to use!
Rating: 5
ultra heavy-duty workbench
by miter on July 16, 2011
bought two for the garage.easy to assemble,level, and built like a tank.work surface is superior to anything I have seen.
Rating: 5
Great bench
by Joerocket on June 14, 2011
I'm not sure why others wrote negative reviews on this workbench. No where does it say its a rolling workbench. I have not found it to tip over and I have a wire welder, bench sander, mitre saw, etc sitting on mine and its holding up great. It has adjustable feet on the bottom so if the floor is uneven it will sit firm on the floor once adjusted. I bought 3 of these I liked it so much.
Rating: 5
Great Workbench!!
by TKnSA on January 16, 2011
I bought my first table five years ago and now own four. They are in service in my commercial machine shop and see a great deal of use. Lots of heavy metal objects. They dont roll because they are not supposed and the hard rubber feet are threaded to allow for leveling. On my way to the club today to buy four more.
Rating: 5
No casters
by Anonymous on September 23, 2010
While this workbench is very sturdy it definitely is not a 'rolling' workbench. It is very heavy and hard to move once assembled. Otherwise a good value. Check out the picture clearly it has no casters.
Rating: 4

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