12-Drawer Rolling Workbench

- 72-inches Wide
- 20-inches Depth
- 37-inches High

Model No. 20242
Item No. 129156

Description & Features

This workbench was build with an all steel heavy-duty construction. It has a 1.75-inch solid wood work table; drawer dividers to organize and sort parts or tools, and a versatile look to compliment any garage, basement, kitchen, storage room and hobby rooms.

  • Dimensions: 72"W x 20"D x 37"H
    (excludes push handles)
  • Solid Hardwood Top, 1.75” thick, with Polyurethane finish
  • Heavy Duty All Steel Frame Construction
  • 12 Drawers
  • 1 Cabinet with a shelf
  • Drawers Include Rubber-Padded Liners
  • Drawers hold up to 40lbs each
  • Stainless Steel Door with Lock
  • 5" Heavy Duty Wheels - 2 locking, 2 stationary
  • Corner bumpers
  • Weight capacity 500 lb
  • Weight: 317 lbs

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Great product
by garguzzi on February 7, 2015
I have several other Seville classics cabinets. I like the quality and sam's carries them for a good price. Well built and of good quality. They take a while to put together but, the instructions are very well laid out. Just follow them. Look forward to having this for many years.
Rating: 5
Great deal for the average garage hack like me!
by Frostbite on February 5, 2015
For normal project guy, I love this tool chest. I am not building bridges or working with oil drilling equipment and I don't think most people aren't either. So, this great looking light duty chest perfect for me. BTW, I coated mine with ProtectaClear and mine doesn't get finger prints!!
Rating: 5
by HandyLady on January 17, 2015
My husband bought this for me for Christmas, I was so happy. It is exactly as described and holds so many tools in one place. Drawers were easy to put together and glide easily. Don't expect it to roll around easily - it is heavy and big. I'll be asking for the roll around workbench for Valentines Day!!!
Rating: 5
Great bench! Great Value!
by Nsanepup on January 9, 2015
Yes I was sucked in by the price. However, it is certainly not a deal if it doesn't hold up. But this bench is holding up! I have had it hold 500 lbs without any concern. Unlike some of the reviews, I singlehandedly assembled the bench in about six hours with the provided Manuel screwdriver. It does what it says it does. If you need more, spend more. If the description does what you need, don't let the reviews scare you off.
Rating: 5
excellent product
by JPTN on December 30, 2014
Don't expect to put it together in 30 mins. Took a couple hours but went together without any problems.
Rating: 5
finished off my garage with a great work bench
by Sovegas on December 15, 2014
Took a while to assemble but not a problem if your a handyman. I put 2 back to back and ended up with a 40" x 70" workbench that turned out great more then enough storage and looks fantastic.
Rating: 5
Overall, a great addition to my garage
by AZNomad on December 13, 2014
'Some assembly required' would be an understatement. This product comes in two flat boxes with an overall weight exceeding 300 lbs. assembly is required for the bench sides, top and bottom, and all 12 drawers. I am a professional and total assembly took 4 hours. Would I do it again? Absolutely, because the final product is well worth the time and effort!
Rating: 4
Much better and more versatile than I thought!
by MikeM64 on October 17, 2014
I bought one for my shop and love it. Then thought why not and bought another one and am using it for a kitchen island. It has worked out much better than we thought it would. Lots of drawer space and you can roll it out of the kitchen so you can mop and it is not in the way. We tripled our draw space and cleared some counter top space. This is much better than buying wood cabinets and mounting them to the floor. It is easy to clean as well.
Rating: 5
Easy to follow instructions
by ene1 on August 4, 2014
Well packaged, easy to follow instructions to assemble, solid wookbench.
Rating: 5
Very pleased with this purchase
by DWSams on June 25, 2014
This is a very nice workbench. It wasn't difficult to assemble, just time consuming. Easy to understand instructions and even came with a screwdriver. It is sturdy and the different drawer sizes are a plus. Plenty of room for the storage we needed. A big plus for also having it mounted on big sturdy wheels. We also purchased the wall mounted cabinets and together the units look great. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product to others. Well worth the money.
Rating: 5
Nice product...especially for the price!
by kmb9416 on May 3, 2014
Once the million pieces are put together, the result is a nice product. Typical of asian metals (junk) the fasteners are not very forgiving of slight mis-alignments with your tools, but otherwise, well thought out and a nice addition to the workshop.
Rating: 5
Hard to beat this product
by king100 on March 1, 2014
Bought this unit yesterday and yes it does take 3 to 4 hours to assemble. You want regret this purchase. Take your time with the small screws. The slide for the drawers would cost about half of this price. The base wood is so beautiful and heavy you will want to protect it against damage.
Rating: 5
Perfect addition to a newly repainted garage.
by astro on December 4, 2013
Assembly was simple, but time consuming. Best to carefully review the assembly details.
Rating: 5
Great product to have! Worth every penny!
by RadioLive on November 16, 2013
This rolling tool box works great in a garage setting. It is stylish and very sturdy when put together. The only drawback is how long it takes to assemble! If assembly was available to purchase, I would have paid! Some of the on the drawers would not fit properly but enough to hold securely. Overall, I would strongly recommend this purchase. I purchased the rolling cabinet and plan on adding the overhead cabinets also.
Rating: 5
Outstanding value for surprisingly good quality.
by JAK1 on September 29, 2013
Shopping for garage storage units for our new home. Shopped Craftsman, Lowes, Home Depot, etc., but nothing seemed to work at a reasonable price. Ran across these items, 77" workbench, 36" tall storage units and 24" wall cabinets, and my search was over. Initially I was a little worried about the quality and durability. After assembling these, I am no longer worried. Very well made, and puts all other choices to shame. The workbench has 12 total drawers and 500+ screws; plan on 5 hours to assemble. The tall cabinet and wall cabinets are much quicker; put those together in 30 minutes each, easily. Outstanding value. Plan on a trip to the recycle center when your assembly is complete. These come well packed, and you'll have cardboard and styrofoam like you wouldn't believe from each. But the packing does a good job protecting its contents. I had no damaged parts at all, which is unusual with a total of 8 different items in my order.
Rating: 5
Easy Assembly Instructions
by Anonymous on June 20, 2013
Assembled in 3 hours, the directions were very easy to follow. Make sure you don't tighten down one screw in a piece until all the screws for that piece are in loose. Another reviewer wrote that his drawers pop open when he closes another drawer, I find that the drawers hold in place very well. I was also concerned that the drawers would be too small, but now that they are in, I think that they are sized very well. Great Value product, and packaged very well also.
Rating: 5
To the people that knock this unit!!
by chepe on March 21, 2013
It's $400.00 Bucks if you want superb heavy duty drawers go with cornwell snap-on of matco the same size unit will run you around $3,000-$7,000 so don't complain you get what you pay for. I own 2 of these units love them never had a problem with either one love them would buy them again
Rating: 5
easy to assemble
by oldenginefan on May 16, 2012
This is a very nice heavy duty bench for the price. Although there are a lot of parts and small screws, this unit is easy to assemble as it comes with very clear instructions, and every part is clearly labeled so you can't really put it together wrong. I will definately be adding more Seville products to my shop. I had one of the drawer slides that was a little tight, I called the 800 number that was in the package and they sent me a new one without any hassles.
Rating: 5
Great Quality
by TopWop on May 12, 2012
Very good engineering and design. Drilled holes lined up. Few surprises. It takes time to assemble so don't rush it. It is for the wife in her craft shop and she is very proud.
Rating: 5
Heavy, Quality Product
by mrsessie on April 29, 2012
I was a little anxious about the assembly based on some of these reviews, but it wasn't that bad. You have to follow directions, but the tools that come with the kit are perfect for the task. The parts fit together easily, and the screws are well-machined, moving smoothly and easily. I did it all by myself except for having someone help me turn it onto its wheels. It took 4 hours, with a couple of short breaks. The result is a very sturdy, high quality, commercial type product. I'm proud of it!
Rating: 5
Excellen workbench!
by Gators07 on April 18, 2012
I was really impressed with this workbench when I looked at it in the store. However, I was blown away when I put it together. It is packaged very well and everything is labeled to make installation as easy as possible. Putting the drawers together is somewhat tedious but everything is well made and goes together easily. I'm going to buy more products from Seville Classic!
Rating: 5
Very Impressed
by Sfields on April 15, 2012
I was very happy with the quality and function. I bought mine a couple of weeks ago and dreaded assembling it, but went for it today. I was able to complete assembly in two hours (most of the time was spent assembling the drawers). Drawer fronts are a little thin, but will work great in the attempt to organize my garage.
Rating: 5
very nice
by jtinbigd on march 5, 2012
well packaged, works great! takes a while to assemble but isn't hard to put together! the quality is great on this chest. I am going to buy additional pieces as well!
Rating: 5
Amazing Workbench
by Babel on February 28, 2012
My husband and I purchased this for extra storage/workspace for our kitchen. It works great! Not only is there plenty of surface space but we use a drawer for our silverware, a drawer for spices, plates, etc plus I store pots and pans in the center. If I could do my entire kitchen in this I would. I love it!
Rating: 5
looks great
by contempokitchen on January 22, 2012
Bought this as a baking/ storage center in my kitchen Looks great and easy to assemble though very heavy!
Rating: 5
Replacement for a Craftsman roll-around
by debRetSrNCO on January 15, 2012
Very easy to read & follow instructions. Yes, there are a lot of screws, but the nuts are premounted so a wrench is not needed. I knew from experience (and also stated in instructions) to start all screws then go back to tighten them. Very sturdy work-surface. Drawer depth very good. The bench was purchased for extra storage, but it has enough storage space for all tools and then some. If the bench will be moved around frepuently, pruchase of swival casters to replace to 2 fixed wheels would be warrented.
Rating: 5
Ultra Heavy-Duty 12-Drawer Rolling Workbench
by KDODD on January 8, 2012
For the money this is a heck of a work bench/tool box, but man , what a pile of screws, took me and my son a good three hours of steady work to get it together. Would be very hard for one person to do it. But I love it, got rid of my standard tool box, this is much cleaner and neater. I highly recommend this for the average guy or girl that does at home garage mechanic stuff. Rock solid box.
Rating: 5
Excellent quality and value
by Chesterbrewmeister on January 6, 2012
The instructions for assembly were excellent. Assembly was easy and the workbench is fantastic. The drawers work smoothly. The workbench even includes the liners for the drawers. My workshop is now very well organized and neat. I would definitely recommend this product.
Rating: 5
excellent workbench
by Buddy65 on December 28, 2011
I just finished putting the workbench together. Everything fit perfectly. I like it very much especially the drawer liners. A magnetic phillips head screwdriver is a necessity as I have fat old fingers and there are a lot of place to drop a small screw that would be hard to retrieve.
Rating: 5
Exactly what I needed
by FatFreddyn on December 28, 2011
The rolling workbench was delivered when scheduled, I assembled it in about 2 hours using just the included hand tools, and it went together nearly flawlessly (more about that later). The quality is exceptional, the tolerances precise, and the instructions excellent. I was so impressed with the workbench that I subsequently ordered three matching wall cabinets. The one problem I had with assembly was my fault, I over-tightened one bolt attaching the frame to the wood top and stripped the wood holding the threaded insert, which I was able to fix with JB Weld. The cabinet is now loaded with tools, well organized, and provides a very nice work surface for my projects. I couldn't be happier with the quality, functionality or price. You cannot go wrong with this rolling workbench.
Rating: 5
by HnadyMan on December 11, 2011
It will take a minimum of 3 hours to assemble!!! Use power tools. Great quaility, the drawers on he right hand side could be larger if they went with 6 instead of 8. The top is solid. Excellent chest when your 56" tool chest starts to overflow. A bargain for the money. Don't hesitate!!!
Rating: 5
rolling tool box
by Abean83 on November 24, 2011
This was the last ultra hd product i was missing and had to wait for the club to get it in stock and let me just say it was worth the wait. The box looks great and is very sturdy. Plan on spending some tine on assembly but its worth it.
Rating: 5
Like it A Lot
by GVHinPA on October 13, 2011
Nice bench for the money. Like that it can be moved where ever you want it.
Rating: 4
Best bench ever
by Keydj on October 9, 2011
I'm 65 years old and have done bench work all my life. I've also assembled 100's of cabinets, furniture, benches, racks....etc. I have to say this was best product I've ever dealt with and that includes pro gear. Because this ships at 300 lbs I was afraid that some parts might come damaged. I've had it happen to me dozens of times. This was extremely well engineered from the packaging all the way though the product itself. If you buy this bench use your own tools, not what comes with the unit. Take you time and organize the parts. All are very well marked. Follow the instructions and build the chassis first. Then you can use it at a "Work Bench" to assemble the drawers. Yes there are a lot of screws but once you set up an assembly line it goes real fast. Didn't have any problem with the slides or anything else for that matter. Everything fit perfectly. This is an extremely good value for the money!
Rating: 5
Excellent cabinet
by 865Rolex on September 5, 2011
Rock solid and beautiful brushed finish. Full extension slides on all drawers. They roll effortlessly no matter how much weight is in them. I'm about to buy the other cabinets that go with this set. I'm 100% satisfied with everything about it.
Rating: 5
by Tx4Good on August 24, 2011
This cabinet takes a few hours to assemble, but it is built very sturdy. The only problem is that t is so nice, I do not want to scratch it using it!
Rating: 5
Just what I wanted
by RMMM on August 22, 2011
Ultra Heavy-Duty 12-Drawer Rolling Workbench was a purchase that met all of my expectations. The instructions were fairly easy to follow. My only suggestion is that the drawer mats should be a lighter color than black so tools with a dark or black finish can be easily spotted.
Rating: 5
Excellent quality and value
by dwwags on August 19, 2011
Componets are made of quality materials. Instructions are accurate and easy to understand. You need two people to begin the assembly,( Frame and top) and then one can easily finish. The finished product is the best quality and value I could find. The only downside is the amount of assembly, about 4 to 6 hours depending on the person. Also the assembly should be done with hand tools.
Rating: 5
Well engineered, Good manufacturing QC, Good value
by theriverrat on July 12, 2011
Instructions were well written, all required parts and hardware were included, everything fit as designed, just a fun project for you, a buddy, some tunes and some cold fermented beverages. I bought this piece and the smaller single drawer stack unit also at Sam's. Both serve a purpose, but this is the better piece due to overall depth (20" vs 18"), and the fact this unit has full extension slides and the smaller unit does not. Overall quite satisfied and give this unit a thumb's up!
Rating: 5
Great Deal & Great Quality !!
by cota344 on July 8, 2011
Very happy with the quality and price for a workbench of this type, can't find one anywhere new or used for this amount of money. Directions were a bit of a pain, but overall very happy with the product.
Rating: 5
No Complaints So Far
by RRShopper on June 30, 2011
Instructions were good, assembly took quite a while with 2 people. Full extension drawer slides work smoothly with very little play. Overall it was a good value. Can't buy extra shelf at manufacturers web site.
Rating: 5
Upgraded my workbench
by lmillert on June 16, 2011
big enough for everything I have to store along with two the cabinets from same mfg.
Rating: 5
good value
by DeauxDaddy on June 11, 2011
I bought this along with the tall stand up storage cabinet. My wife and I put together the storage cabinet when we got home, and I was impressed by the clarity of the assembly instructions, how clearly each part was marked (stickers with arrows for front, up, etc). They even included a screwdriver that fit every assembly screw. I decided to hold off on assembling the rolling workbench until my 11 year old grandson came to visit. It did take 5 hours for my grandson to put it together, but he read and interpreted the assembly instructions with no help from me. There are a couple of steps where an extra set of hands is helpful, but by FAR, this was the best set of instructions and parts labeling I have ever see. There is even a little bag with one extra of each of the different types of screws and bolts. Resultant product is great and very functional. I've had several visitors comment on it and they couldn'r believe the quality for the price. Good Job!
Rating: 5
good set
by farmerbill on June 6, 2011
I bought this workbench for my husband new shop. This is good quality, very sturdy. It has several matching pieces. Makes shop look nice.
Rating: 5
Great product for the money
by Ujackwagon on June 3, 2011
Plan on spending a good deal of time with the assembly but the finished product is well worth it! Directions for assembly are very clear. I would suggest putting all the drawers together 1st as that takes up about half of the assembly time.
Rating: 5
Great fun to build
by Easybuild on May 27, 2011
Easy to build and not a single missing part. My garage looks great.
Rating: 5
Amazing Cart if you have the room
by jdconnel on May 13, 2011
386 Screws. 4.5 hours. Price is amazing for what you get. just try and buy something 1/2 as nice for $400! I missed the step that mentions installing the drawer bottom UNDER the front plate. This resulted in an extremely weak drawer front. Luckily I only assembled 3 before I noticed this. This added about an hour to my assembly. The only thing the manual is missing, is to remove the black rubber guards prior to installing the drawers. Not a big deal. The stainless fronts are nice. Just seems a "little" light. I'm sure they will hold up just fine however. Rest of the unit we WELL made. Solid Top, cabinet, great rollers on the drawers. Everything is smooth and happy.
Rating: 5
Absolutely amazing product!
by TheToyBox on May 10, 2011
We purchased this Seville Classics workbench 2 days ago. We'd been searching for something QUALITY & had been everywhere. Anything that wasn't cheaply built was too expensive. I was getting very frustrated when somehow happened across this unit on the Sam's Club website. We liked it so much we became members just to buy it. Hubby put it together in about 3 hours. Yes, there is extensive assembly...but each piece fit perfectly to the next. There was ZERO confusion or problem putting it together. it's the first assembly project I've seen my husband do in 24 years without at least one cussing fit. LOL We are amazed at the quality, look & feel. I would assume that it would have been well over $750 if pre-assembled. For us, the savings was worth the assembly time! We plan to go back for more pieces to complete our garage makeover!
Rating: 5
by jlrice54 on April 24, 2011
I have this bench and several other Seville items. Yes assembly is tedious but use a cordless driver drill and put some good tunes on and the time passes quickly. I've had several other Seville workbenches for a few years and they assembled the same way and have held up as lathe benches for my machine shop and even withstood a cross state move. This one is serving as a metrology bench with several granite surface plates on the top. The casters make it easy to move from machine to machine. I hope I can buy another before these disappear like the last series did.
Rating: 5
Seville Products
by Oiltech on March 22, 2011
Excellent value
Rating: 5
by John8469 on February 3, 2011
The item is built well. The drawer fronts could be painted the same color as the ends and back. This would prevent the finger prints showing as much.
Rating: 5
Great Value
by TKnSA on January 16, 2011
I have three of these units and wish I had more. I use them in a commercial machine shop for tool and measuring instrument storage in front of CNC Mills and Lathes. They are not as heavy duty as a dedicated roll away tool box but they are more practical and at a fraction of the cost. Yes they do show finger prints but so does everything in my wifes kitchen(I cant wait for this stainless steel fad to end then maybe we can go back to Grandmas avacodo green and harvest gold). YIKES!!
Rating: 5
Awsome alternative to a high priced tool chest
by Anonymous on October 2, 2010
This workbench has ball bearing drawer slides and is heavy duty. I'm glad I found this before dropping $1000 on a craftsman model. Comes with a huge bag of screws though and took me close to 3 hours putting it together. Its worth every penny.
Rating: 5
Cool Unit
by PhotoJoe on November 18, 2010
Not sure about 400 bolts but there was a few. A magnetic tip ratcheting screwdriver is helpful. Takes two about 3hrs to do, take everything out of boxes and stick with the instructions (skip removing drawer slides to install screws to front and back if you have a magnetic tip screwdriver (long one works best). Did have a problem with an insert on the bench top had to tap threads on it (metric) and reinsert with hex wrench. Be careful inserting the drawers, reach back and slide the bearing slide into the slide as it does not always line up. Ordering the Cabinets and Peg board from the Seville site to complete the set.
Rating: 5
Nice for the price
by lebanese on June 24, 2010
This is a nice bench for the price. My 2 complaints are the drawers are not welded together and there are over 400 screws (nearly all for the drawers). It took me about 5-6 hours to put together. I will say once it’s together it is solid and does look good. Time will tell if the drawers hold up? The top alone is worth $150 so it really is a good buy.
Rating: 5

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